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Helping local businesses is what we do.

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Practice Areas

General Business and Corporate Matters

Whether you are incorporating a business, reviewing a contract, or facing a large or small scale employee issue, Briones Business Law Consulting is here for all of your business needs. At BBLC, we are dedicated to helping you preemptively avoid legal issues, or work through legal matters you may be facing. We have a broad range of business law experiences and are here as a resource to ensure your small or medium sized business can thrive in all aspects of its operations. There are many unforeseeable problems that arise in the day to day activities of any organization, and at BBLC we are here to use our knowledge of business law to see to your long term success. Through our innovative pricing models, we seek to ensure that your company is provided with exceptional legal services without having to suffer through the uncertainty of legal fees that are charged hourly. If you are not an In House Counsel Services’ client, we still provide pricing at a one time, flat rate to ensure transparency in our pricing structure and allow you to budget your legal fees appropriately.

We can provide your business with in-house counsel services for a monthly fee.  Meetings, phone conversations, legal research, letter writing, employment matters, and general business legal work similar to what an in-house counsel lawyer would do for  your business are included in a flat, monthly fee, allowing for yearly budgeting and planning.  Preventative measures can be considered, catastrophes averted, and planning implemented. 

Corporate Counsel

On Demand

Contract Review

and Creation

At Briones Business Law Consulting we have valuable experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a variety of different contracts. Our experience with contracts has allowed us to work with companies to create contracts that will be used within a company, or contracts that engage external parties. Our contract capabilities are extensive, and span multiple areas of law. We seek to protect you and the interests of your company no matter the scale or scope of the contract that you require.

Commercial Transactions and M & A

There are many policies and requirements that transactions are subject to depending on their size and purpose. We have comprehensive experience in the terms and execution of transactions, including buying and selling companies, assets, and ownership. We specialize in structuring these transactions to ensure clarity and protection for the payment schedule, terms of completion, and collectibles in the case of transaction termination. BBLC is on your side to ensure your transactions are completed timely, smoothly, and with well thought out intention that will protect your company and your transaction.

Administrative and Regulatory Law

Government regulation has a profound impact on companies’ business operations and is a crucial factor in corporate strategic planning. Regulatory and enforcement actions by countless U.S. federal and state agencies can impose significant costs, stop promising opportunities, and at times threaten a company’s vitality or even an entire industry. We regularly represent clients in countless regulatory matters, from rules interpretation, to applications and reviews, to advocating on behalf of clients before various agencies.

At BBLC, we understand the need to plan for the future. Your business and family are both important aspects of your life, and ensuring that they are both properly cared for is paramount. For that reason, we are here to ensure that legal issues of passing on ownership or assets are covered. With BBLC, you can rest safe, knowing that your business, family, or other beneficiaries are cared for.

Business and Succession Planning

Gen Business
Commercial/M and A
Succession Planning
In-House Cousel
Administrative and Regulatory
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